There are many different marketing strategies you can now use that will help your business to start appearing in search engine results.   But one that some small businesses tend to forget about is search engine advertising.  PPC (Pay Per Click) adverts are amongst the quickest ways for helping to drive traffic to a site that will in turn help to generate more leads and more sales.   

Below I am going to be looking at the five main reasons why small businesses should be looking at using PPC to help as part of their local marketing campaign.   

1.  PPC Allows A Business To Target Customers By Search Terms And Geography

With this form of advertising, you are able to reach customers in a specific area.  If for example, you are able to ship your product to a specific city or state then you can make sure that your campaigns are targeted at this areas. The same also goes for using keywords that will enable you to target a specific group.  As a result, this will help to ensure that you eliminate any people who aren’t really interested in what you have to offer.   

In turn, this can result in you getting more qualified leads than you would normally receive through an organic search listing.

2.  Can Help You To Dominate The First Page Of Google

Okay, your site is appearing in the top organic results for particular keywords or phrases, but it will stay pay to use some PPC advertising as well.

Doing this will help your business to appear multiple times and in turn will help you to dominate the first page of Google.  As a result of this, any competition you have will start to appear only on the second or third pages of Google.   

The more often any potential customers see your website, company or brand on Google’s first page will increase their interest in it.  In turn, this will increase the likelihood of them clicking on the ads you’ve placed.

3.  Provides Results Instantly

Organic web marketing may last a long time, but to achieve the kinds of results you want with this type of marketing does take time.   When starting up a business most people don’t have the time to wait for leads to be generated or sales to occur.   This is where PPC can help in solving revenue needs in the short term.   

As soon as an ad has gone live then it will begin to appear in front of your target audience (potential customers).  As well as being a great way to increase revenue, PPC is a great way to keep revenue income steady.  Allowing you the time then to work more on building up your organic marketing plans.

4.  Allows You To Measure Your Results

One of the great things about PPC is that there really aren’t any grey areas, it is just black and white.  As you can measure your results you can see just which ads are working well and which ones aren’t.  Plus you can see what parts of these ads are working and what parts aren’t.   

The main issue with organic search marketing is that it can take some time for you to be able to see what results you are achieving.

5.  These Ads Are More Engaging

Through this form of advertising, you are able to say direct potential customers towards a specific offer, or place extensions in them that will allow these people to sign up to your newsletter.   

Like so many other businesses you are probably vying for the same customers.  If you site appears in the results page as a single listing then you aren’t likely to grab the attention of your target audience, especially if other businesses have chosen to use PPC instead.   The chances of you then getting someone to visit your website is greatly reduced.