Google Ads Cost UK

2019-04-26T00:01:52+01:00By |Google Ads Cost|

Google Ads Cost UK The natural question when you're looking at running ppc on Google in the UK is "Google Ads cost UK". The search results (serps) often contain US based websites, even when we're searching from the UK, so adding UK to the search term helps to refine the results. And the answer is - it depends but the average is somewhere between 50p and £2 per click from my experience. In general, the more competitive the market sector is and the more money there is to be made from a sale, the higher the click cost tends to be. So, notoriously, clicks in the legal space can easily cost up to £50 per click. But if you're selling socks, clicks will be closer to 15p. So how do you work out what a click is going to cost you, how many ad impresssions are available monthly, what the likely click through rate is and what your cost per lead or sale will be?. All of those numbers will be needed to work out your budget. And if you're already running Google Ads, how do you know how well you're doing versus the average? [...]