Are Google Shopping Ads Worth It

2019-05-20T19:53:16+01:00By |Google Shopping Ads|

Are Google Shopping Ads Worth It? - Do Google Shopping Ads Work? I've managed a lot of Google Shopping Ads Campaigns that have brought in Millions of pounds for the businesses I work for, so when people ask me "are Google Shopping ads Worth it" I have to tell them, yes they are, if you know what you're doing. If you run an ecommerce website and you're looking to run Google shopping ads, this is a no-brainer. I've yet to see a campaign that didn't return at least 6x return on ad spend. What are Google Shopping Ads? They are ads that show at the top of the search results when people are looking to buy products online. They contain an image of the product, the name of the company selling the product and possibly some promotional message. They rae used by Ecommerce businesses to sell their products. Google Shopping Ads Setup First up, if you run an ecommerce site and you are running search ads but not shopping ads, you're leaving money on the table. Done properly, the majority of your online sales will originate from shopping ads. But there are a number of [...]