Google Ads Management from an Experienced and Reliable PPC Freelancer

My first attempt at using Adwords (as it was back then) was in 2004 when I was building affiliate websites and slapping Adsense all over them. The adsense income paid for the Adwords clicks and the affiliate sales that I made produced income without an overhead. That’s a neat trick if you can pull it off.

Somewhere along the line, Google decided that they didn’t like Adwords/Adsense arbitrage and I had to move on to different methods of promotion. That’s when I learned about SEO and how to rank highly on the Google search results.

In 2010, I began working with local. but also national companies to help them get better results from their Adwords campaigns.

And in 2015, on the back of the results and experience that I’d gained, I started working as a freelancer on multiple campaigns for national companies.

Which means that I have a lot of experience, and more importantly, a track record of delivering results, every time.

I have no secrets to impart other than paying attention to the fundamentals:

  • Make sure that tracking and goals are in place and accurate
  • Optimise all variables to obtain taget kpi’s
  • Stay up to date with the continual changes both to Google Ads and the competitor landscape.
  • Care enough to put the effort in

I’ve generated leads and sales in all sorts of markets, but my speciality is working with ecommerce site owners to maximise their potential.

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