We help busy business owners take control of their Adwords account in 1 hour so they can make more money without paying a fortune to agencies or committing to a contract.

And if you’re not busy, we can help you get busy …

How it works:

  • Book Your Time Slot
  • Work is Done
  • Recording Sent
  • Book your Next Timeslot
  • All work is recorded on video so you know exactly what’s been done and you can learn how to take control of your account if you want to. What’s more, you can opt to join me live on any tune-up via screenshare so I can talk you through what I’m doing. You’ll have the chance to get any questions answered live on the call.
  • You’ll get the screenshare or work recording as an mp4, with notes on the key actions taken.
  • I’ll recommend when you need to book another tune-up. But you’re in control, you can schedule whenever you like.

With a PPC Tune Up you can book a hour of expert help whenever you want.

  • As a one off
  • Once a month
  • Every three months
  • Whenever you need help

In the same way that you get an annual MOT and regular service for your car, now you can keep your Google Ads account humming at peak performance with regular tune ups.

This is for you if you run your Google Ads account in house but want occasional or regular help.

In particular, as you know, Google Ads accounts with spends under £1,000pm are badly served by the agency market. The standard adwords costs of 10% of spend don’t add up for an agency charging you £50pm when their rates are £100 an hour and they won’t do one offs because their onboarding process costs too much.

Yet I’ve seen numerous small Adwords accounts bring in significant revenue for their owners, when they are set up and run properly.

What does this cost?

The price for a TuneUp is £100 payable in advance.

Is that worth it to you? Well lets look at a typical scenario:

You sell something for £150 and make £75 profit

You’re spending £300 a month on Google ads and you get 15 leads a month that generate £2,250 of revenue and £1,125 of profit. Your lead cost is £20 and your profit after paying Google is £825.

When we tweak things, your ad spend reduces to £270 and you get 17 leads a month that generate £2,550 of revenue and £1,275 of profit. Your lead cost is now £15.88 and your profit after paying Google is £1,025.

So you’re making an extra £200 a month in profit – every month.

Is that worth a one off £100?

What if we run another TuneUp in 3 months time and improve things further?

I can’t guarantee results of course because I don’t deal with the enquiries. If you don’t respond to them quickly, or (and I’ve seen this happen) don’t respond at all. No amount of Google Ads wizardry will help.

But I do guarantee my service.

So you have a full 30 days after your TuneUp to request a no questions asked refund.

Book Regular TuneUps and Save Money

Most businesses need regular help as things change in Google Ads and your working environment. A new competitor buying ads for example, or a competitor going on a sales drive on Google.

I’m happy to offer discounts for regular TuneUps:

Once a quarter – a TuneUp 4x a year @£90 each – save 10%
Every two months – 6x TuneUps a year @£85 each – save 15%
Every month – 12x TuneUps a year @£80 each – save 20%
Twice a month – 24 TuneUps a year @£70 each – save 30%
Once a week – 52 TuneUps a year @£60 each – save 40%

Advance payment only.